Phil-World Gateway (pwg)

PWG is a national in scope 2005 registered sole proprietorship with the Philippine Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) specializing in environmental planning, real estate brokerage, tourism and other related services in the exercise of professions by its proprietor-owner.

As a planning advocacy enterprise, PWG conducts the following capability buidling activities in coordination/cooperation with various national govoernment agencies, private sector, professional individuals and organizations thoguhout the country yearly under the following main activities-categories, to wit:

- Environmental Planning Capability Building Courses-Series (EnPCBC);

- LGU Planning and Plans Introductory and Special Courses-Series (LPP);

- Local Planning and Development Seminar-Forum-Workshop Series (LPD).

In order to promote its hometown's cultural assets and natural wonders, PWG also offers various Eco-Adventorus escorted excursions and other similar pre-arranged events to showcase nature at its best, in one destination - Basey, Samar, the ultimate fronrtier.........