Environmental Planning Capability Building Course 2019-B                                                                         April 8-12, 2019                                                                                      AIM Conference Center    Benavidez cor. Trasierra Sts., Legaspi Village, Makati City                                Live-In Registration Fee - P15,800.00         Reservation Fee - P3,000.00

Inclusions: 5 days lecture series, 4 nighs shared hotel room accomodation, 2 extra days for                       mock exam & mentoring/coaching, meals, snacks, kit, certificates & soft copy                                                           of presentations & other materials in dvd  


 Day 1       -  History, Concepts, Theories & Principles of Environmental Planning

 Day 2-4    -  Environmental Planning Processes, Methods/Techniques & Strategies 

 Day 5       -  Environmental Plan Implementation , Legal Aspects & Administration


 Qualifed Participants:

Anybody interested to know and acquire environmental planning knowledge especially Local Planning and Development Coordinators, Zoning/Land Use Officers, LPDO/LENRO Personnel, Sanggunian Members, Presiders and Secretaries, University/College Professors,  Planning/Development/Environment/M&E/DRR-CCA Practitioners/Personnel, Managerial and Policy-Makers in the national and local governments including in GOCCs, and for those decided to become a licensed/registered Environmental Planner, the specific qualification requirements for examination are as follows:

1) Non-Environmental Planning Degree holders:

    1.1. A masters or doctorate degree in either architecture, engineering, ecology, economics, geography, geology, public administration, business administration, sociology, social science, law, environmental science, environmental management, development management, natural resources, planning and development, and related disciplines acceptable to the Board, and with three (3) years of on-the-job training as required. Provided, That a person falling under this paragraph shall be allowed to take the licensure examination only within the next 5 years from the effectivity of RA 10587;

1.2. A bachelor’s degree in architecture, engineering, economics, public administration, law, social work & community development or sociology & other related disciplines acceptable to the Board and with five (5) years of on-the-job training as required herein Provided, That a person falling under this paragraph shall be allowed to take the licensure examination only w/n the next 5 years from the effectivity of RA 10587;

2) Environmental Planning Degree holders:

 `    2.1. A graduate in environmental planning, urban/city and regional planning, or town and country planning or its equivalent;

       2.2. A Post-Graduate Diploma in Environmental Planning, city & regional planning or its equivalent,& with at least one (1) year of on-the-job training as required herein;

       2.3. A Bachelor’s Degree in Environmental Planning, city planning or urban and regional planning, or town and country planning, or its equivalent, and with two (2) years of on-the-job training as required herein;

3) Incumbent Planning positions holders:

     3.1. Incumbent holders of planning positions in the national, regional or local government offices or agencies including government-owned and –controlled corporations and have been engaged in development planning functions acceptable to the Board: Provided, That they are holders of professional civil service eligibility and they have undergone at least eighty (80) hours of in-service training or distance learning in developmental planning from a government agency, school or institution recognized by proper authorities;   Provided, further, That a person falling under this paragraph may be allowed to take the licensure examination only within the next five (5) years after the effectivity of RA 10597.


 General Objective:

At the end of the 5-day activity,   participants are expected to gain knowledge on the history, concepts, theories & principles of environmental planning, its processes, methods/ techniques and strategies as well as plan implementation, legal aspects and administration 


Specific Objectives:

 1. To equip participants with knowledge on the advent and evolution of environmental planning in the country;

 2. To equip participants with know-how on the operating concept, principles, processes, methods, techniques and strategies in comprehensive land use/spatial and development/sectoral planning; 

 3. To impart environmental plan implementation approaches, tools, legislations, policies and legal aspects and plan administration;

  4. To prepare participants in the documentary requirements, mock examination exercises and coaching/mentoring to increase level   awareness and of passing the licensure examination for environmental planning.

Please deposit your Reservation/Registration Fee to any, below:
Phil-World Gateway  BDO SA 006050105005  
Phil-World Gateway   LBP SA 1731-0933-49

  Nestor V. Tabungar, Jr.  MBTC CA 007-122-51803-1 


  • EnP CBC 2019 - A

    Environmental Planning Capability Building Course 2019-A, April 6,13, 20, May 4, 11, 2019, Leyte Park Resort Hotel/UPVTC/EVSU/WherElse, Tacloban City Live-out Registration Fee - P11,800.00 Reservation Fee - P2,000.00

  • EnP CBC 2019- C

    Environmental Planning Capability Building Course 2019-C, April 25-29, 2019, Grand Menseng Hotel, Davao City Live-In Registration Fee - P15,800.00 Reservation Fee - P3,000.00

  • Mock Exam

    Mock Examination - simulating actual board licensure exam with 300 mock test questions


March 6, 2019 - Start of Online Application Processing
May 6, 2019 - deadline

PRC Form-104 Certificate of Experience

to be signed by immediate supervisor or licensed Environmental Planner

PRC General Instruction to Examinees

Reminders to all Examinees what to bring before going to the assigned Examination Centers and Rooms

PWG Information, Reminders, Terms and Conditions

please take note with this....

PWG EnP CBC 2019-B Makati Confirmation Pre-Registration Slip

Please send this together with your bank deposit slip for the reservation or registration fee